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Looking for a new online game that is real and different, but still exciting and unpredictable? Then you should try our fishing shooting game. This is a very popular online casino game that allows you to feel like a real fisher along with many other gamers all over the world. Lets you enjoy exciting shooting games with many other gamers around the world.

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What is fishing games?

This is an engaging online game about shooting fish for rewards. The core idea behind fish shooting games is relatively simple. Each round, you will use your cannon to shoot fish from your side of the gameboard. Your goal is to get as many points as possible by collecting these fish before they fall back into the water and disappear.

You can shoot several times until you get the right position or angle. As long as you find the right spot in time, you'll catch a big fish!

Fish Shooting Game Tips

  • Choosing the level of bullets

    In the fish shooting game, the bullets you shoot are your money, so we recommend you to plan what you want to shoot before you start the game so that you don't waste your money. Players should remember that smaller targets have less bonuses and can be defeated with less ammunition, while larger targets have more bonuses and need to be defeated with more ammunition.

  • Use wall bounces

    This is a skill you need to learn quickly when you enter the game. In fish shooting games, players can use walls to bounce back, as long as your bullets hit the wall they will bounce back, so you can use this skill to shoot at your step markers.

  • Identify the shooting target

    As mentioned above, your bullets are your money, so it is recommended that you identify your target and not just shoot at it. In the game map, there are usually some special targets that you can choose after this time, because they usually give you unique weapons.

Game fish types

  • Common Fish

    No matter what the theme of the fish shooting game is, there are a lot of targets of this type, and although the rewards are small, they are easy to defeat.

  • Props Fish

    This type of target is a great opportunity because these targets offer special props, possibly bullets or other special features, that can be obtained by defeating them.

  • Special Fish

    These special targets are different from other targets, they are difficult to defeat successfully and have less time to appear.

  • Boss Fish

    This is the target with the highest payout and appears at certain times. Although it has a high payout, it is very difficult to defeat and usually requires the use of special weapons to defeat it.

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Do you like to play shooting games? If yes, this game is for you. The goal of the game is to control the shooter's direction and shoot down as many fishes as possible. You will have the opportunity to compete with thousands of other players on the leaderboard and keep your skills sharp. TMTPLAY offers you a variety of fish shooting games with various themes, you can surely find your favorite genre.